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Pulsar is the world’s first eBPF-based runtime threat detection engine written entirely in Rust. Designed for the IoT, it runs everywhere.

Pulsar runtime protection

Runtime protection for the IoT

Pulsar is a modern runtime threat detection and response engine. Designed for IoT and edge computing, Pulsar is optimized for performance, runtime cost, and edge security.

Blazing Fast.

Pulsar's modular architecture is written entirely in Rust, a modern and secure language.

AI smart.

Pulsar combines its edge AI threat detection engines with deterministic security policies to achieve state of the art performance.

Powered by eBPF.

Pulsar uses the latest eBPF technology to trace and collect system activity information directly from the kernel. eBPF is safer and faster than legacy solutions built on kernel modules, and requires no kernel change.

Endless modules

Detect process-specific anomalous behaviour at the most granular level, using Pulsar AI threat detection engine.

Track filesystem access and block access to files with path based rules.

Monitor all network related events, and scan for suspicious connections.

Dynamically scan for malicious files with Pulsar AI-powered AntiVirus.

Script your own custom threat response rules easily with Lua.

Supporting anything around you.

While being designed and optimized to run in heavily constrained IoT environments, Pulsar can run anywhere, securing in the same way embedded devices, containers and servers.